How long does a personal injury claim take?

The length of the claims process depends on a number of factors. First, because you only get one settlement payment, we typically recommend waiting until you’re done with your medical treatment (or reach maximum medical improvement or “MMI”) before submitting a formal claim. Otherwise, if you settle your case too early, you may settle for too little or without knowing the full extent of your injuries or future treatment needs.

Second, if the insurance company is not offering enough to settle, then you may decide to file a lawsuit to let a jury decide. In that case, depending on your judge’s docket, it could take a year or so before your case actually goes to trial.

For these reasons, your claim could take as little as a month or as much as multiple years. It really depends on the unique factors in your case. Our lawyers would be happy to discuss the unique aspects of your case and provide an estimate of how long your claim might take to get resolved.