How much does a personal injury lawyer cost?

Most, if not all, personal injury lawyers charge a “contingency fee” for their work on your case, which means the attorney takes a percentage of your overall settlement or jury award (rather than charging you by the hour or charging a flat fee). Usually, attorneys will charge around one-third for an ordinary personal injury claim. At Springs Law Group, we typically charge a 30% contingent fee on what we recover for you on your personal injury claim if the claim is resolved before filing suit. Our rate goes up to 40% if you decide you’d like to file a lawsuit, which, again, is a common practice among personal injury attorneys in Colorado. Whether or not you hire Springs Law Group, you should check with your attorney whether their rate changes depending on the status of the case. At our free consultation, we will go over our fee structure with you in detail to ensure you understand it and are satisfied with it.