How much is my case worth?

The value of your case depends on many factors. If an attorney guarantees that he or she knows what your case is worth, you should probably get that in writing, because no one actually knows what your case is worth. Lawyers can give you an estimate of what they think a jury might give you, and the insurance company will certainly perform its own analysis of what it thinks a jury would award, but because no one can possibly predict what an unknown jury of your peers might do with your case, exact predictions are impossible.

Instead, the careful lawyer will look at the various factors that control the value of your case, which include the amount of medical expenses; whether you have any permanent injuries or scarring; how long it took, or is taking you, to recover; how the accident has affected your daily activities; how much work you’ve had to miss or will miss in the future; and many other factors, too varied for a website to answer. We encourage you to meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss how much your case is worth, and we offer free initial consultations for that purpose.